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STEM Activities to try at home

Grab a sibling, friend, or parent and try these fun STEM experiments in your own home

Fixing a Toycar
Yellow Slime Fun
Image by Sharon Pittaway


Make this fun non-Newtonian fluid at the house with only 2 simple ingredients. Neither a solid nor a liquid, oopleck is a fun STEM experiment that's easy and fun to do!

3 ingredient slime

Every kid's dream, every parent's worst nightmare. Here is a simple way to make slime with 3 household ingredients.

Viscosity Marble Drop

Do you know certain liquids "flow" at different speeds? This fun and easy experiment is a simple yet fun way to learn about a liquid's viscosity (or how "thick" a liquid is).

Washing Hands
Easter Egg
Milk Splash

Washing your hands with Pepper

Why do parents always tell you to wash your hands with soap? In this experiment we get to "see" what happens to germs when you wash your hands with soap and water.

Floating Egg

How does a liquid's buoyancy affect the ability of an egg to float in it? This easy experiment will show you how the salinity of the water affects how an object floats in it.

Milk & Soap

Molecules, molecules, molecules! They are everywhere we look, but can't see them! How do different molecules react when you put them next to each other? This fun experiment will show you how!

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